Forms of tooth

Teeth form Possible front angles, α° Possible tooth pitch t, mm
A Teeth form A from -10°
to +40°
from 1,3
to 11,7
F Teeth form F
K Teeth form K from 0°
to 40°
D Teeth form D
G Teeth form G
H Teeth form H
R Teeth form R
C Teeth form C -28°; -30°

Properly selected high-quality wire clothing is a guarantee of your success.

Use of high-precision production equipment of «Graf» Co. and experience of our specialists is a guarantee of high-quality production of wire clothing.

    Our wire clothing has the following advantages:

  • flexible base;
  • tooth hardening for a depth of 60% from its point;
  • extra-hardened point of tooth, made of high-carbon steel;
  • temperature tempering of hardened parts increases toughness and ductility of teeth without changing their hardness;
  • close tolerances for all parameters;
  • lack of burrs on the surfaces.

Quality control of tooling and produced goods is effected by means of perfect precise devices.

It is possible to manufacture the wire clothing with right cutting.Teeth form А with right cutting
Profile form Possible profile height, H, mm Possible base width, B, mm
N Profile form N from 2,0 to 9,0 from 0,5 to 4,0
V Profile form V from 3,5 to 6,0 from 0,9 to 4,2

Hardness diagram

Hardness diagram, fig.1Hardness diagram fig.2

We are ready to consider any of your suggestions concerning design and manufacture of new types of wire clothing.

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