Glued reeds

Glued reeds with П-formed straps


In glued reeds teeth are fixed on the base of special composition, which provides the reed necessary damping characteristics (such as elasticity and resilience) and increases reeds service life.

Glued reeds are recommended for production of light and medium fabrics on the high-speed equipment, as the reeds are rather strong and light by weight, thus ensuringthe effective operation of the harness lifting mechanism.

    Glued reeds are made:
  • with П-formed straps (fig.1)
  • with round straps (fig.2)
  • with profiled tooth (fig.3)
Glued reeds with round straps


Glued reeds with profiled tooth


Glued reeds

Glued reeds Reed count Tooth widht, mm Working widht, m General height, mm Height in light, mm
15-250 incl. 2,7;3,0;4,0;
to 3,6 65-280 31-250

Changes in the reed construction are possible at the customers request.

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