Reeds Joint Stock Company «Remiz» is the main manufacturer of the reeds. For more than 190 years we have been improving reed manufacture. Modern equipment makes it possible to manufacture a wide range of reeds for different types of weaving looms: STB, ATPR, AT, Sulzer Ruti, Picanol, Yettis, P, PN and other looms of home and import production.

The reed tooth is made of highquality carbon steel. The special section of reed band ensures more favourable passing of warp threads between the teeth, especially with zero or low twisting and reduces thread breakage in the process of weaving.

Geometrical precision of reed manufacture allows maintaining of all required technical data of fabric.

Use of our reeds gives the following advantages:

  • decrease of maintenance costs by increasing reed lifetime;
  • improvement of equipment production and fabric quality, due to decrease of warp thread breakage and therefore the possibility to raise looms opera ting speed;
  • effective procession of fine threads and yarn.

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