Small-size weft-layers (Projectiles)

Weft layers (projectiles) are made of high-quality alloy steel. A unit-cast body and special thermal treating ensures long service life and eliminates the possibility of body cleaving in the process of operation.

Blind rivets ensure safefixation of the gripper with the body of the weft-layer and prevent cloth contamination in the process of operation.

High-quality of the surface and high precision of manufacture guarantee stable operation of looms at high speeds.

Weft-layers are completed with flat springs and have a hole in the clamping surface.

Small-size weft-layers (Projectiles)

Clamping force, H Sphere of application Linear density, tex
from 14 to 18 silk sinthetics to 25
over 18 to 22 cotton to 25
over 22 to 26 cotton linen to 70
over 26 to 30 wool to 200

It is possible to deliver bodies and grippers separately.

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