Soldered reeds

Soldered reeds с «П» образными накладками


In soldered reeds the teeth are fixed with tin and lead solder. Soldered reeds are used for all kinds of weaving looms. It is reasonable to use them for production of heavy fabric assortments. Reeds are strong, easy to maintain; reeds lifetime is 10 years.

    Soldered reeds are made:
  • with П-formed straps (fig.1)
  • without straps (fig.2)
Soldered reeds without straps


Soldered reeds

Soldered reeds Reed count Tooth widht, mm Working widht, m General height, mm Height in light, mm
15-250 incl. 2,7;3,0;4,0;
to 3,6 65-280 31-250

Changes in the reed construction are possible at the customer's request.

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