Healds for jacquard machines

Optimal choice of technological accessories which guarantees proper opening of the shed and the required force of hook reset, provides reliable operation of the whole jacquard system.

    To the customer’s order healds are supplied with various reset elements:

  • healds with metal hangers
  • healds with elastic elements
  • healds with spring elements

Healds with metallic hanger

Healds with metallic hanger are firm, reliable and have long service life. They are used on the low-speed mechanical looms with high degree of fly accumulation.

Healds with elastic elements

Healds with elastic elements are used for medium speed looms and high-count fabrics. They are easy to operate and have reasonable price.

Healds with spring elements

Healds with spring elements are optimally adjusted to meet high requirements at high operational speeds and loads. They are made either with an open spring or in fly-proof enclosure.

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